Who is ICF?

Founded in 1995, the International Coach Federation (ICF) is the leading global organisation dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification, and building a worldwide network of credentialed coaches.

Our more than 28,000 ICF Members are located around the globe, in over  120 countries. ICF is the only organization that awards a globally recognized credential which is currently held by more than 21,000 coaches worldwide. ICF’s core purpose is to advance the art, science and practice of professional coaching.

ICF Kenya Chapter

ICF-Kenya Chapter was conceived in 2011, following a realization of the need for a local ICF chapter that would help the growth of coaching in Kenya. Key movers of the idea at conception were Eileen Laskar, Jared Ouko and Felix Onyango. They were later to be joined in this effort by Tim Mwai and other like-minded coaches.

Initial conversations and engagement with ICF Global regarding the sanctioning of the chapter were between this group of coaches and Isabelle Maes, then the Regional Co-ordinator, ICF- EMEA.

The ICF-Kenya chapter was finally sanctioned in December, 2012. This was with support from Isabelle and Don Whittle (ICF-Global Membership Director). It included work on a membership drive to fulfil the minimum threshold of coaches required by ICF Global.

Three of the initial “founding” coaches came on board as interim chapter officials with Jared Ouko (Interim President), Renee Ngamau (Vice-President), Tim Mwai (Treasurer) and Felix Onyango (Interim Secretary). The chapter is officially registered in Kenya with the Registrar of Societies.

The Chapter objectives are:

  • Promote and develop/advance coaching as a professional practice in Kenya.
  • Enroll members, facilitate regular continuous coach (other than sports coaching) education initiatives,
  • Establish a national regulatory framework in accordance with ICF global standards.
  • It shall also organize regular member networking forums to share and exchange experience and coaching (other than sports coaching) representation at National and International levels.
  • The Chapter shall remain a non-profit making organization.


To advance coaching as a profession and practice, ICF Kenya Chapter partners with other organizations and the business sector. The goal is to leverage collaborative partnerships to accelerate the growth coaching.