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Sheetal Shah
I am a creative learning and development facilitator and leadership coach with international experience. With over 20 years of personal research and experience in the field of personal change, self-mastery, leadership and creative mindfulness, my expertise is in creating a space in which people can realize their own leadership potential. I have a unique way of building trust and rapport with people and that allows me to create impactful dialogue and reflection which moves clients towards a new model of behaviour. As an executive coach, I pay close attention to the needs of the client and am imaginative and intuitive in the methods used to help clients move towards their goals. My passion is to work with leaders and support them in creating places of work that are both inspiring, and impactful and that foster cultures of creativity and collaboration. I am able to coach skilfully in either virtual or face-to-face settings. I prefer to customize an approach that is suitable to the client rather than sticking to a cookie-cutter approach and therefore I use a diverse range of techniques with my clients. I use the Forton Group leadership coaching model as a starting point and then I draw on elements of Theory U, Deep Coaching and Active Coaching as needed. I use an eclectic approach and blend models and tools depending on the client, the coaching agenda and what might work best for the coaching focus that is chosen by the client. My work with every client starts with exercises to ground, to become aware and to access intuition and wisdom which supports the client’s in finding their own insights and solutions.


Target Market

Senior Management
Emerging Leaders

Coaching Themes

Communication Skills
Job/Career Change
Organisational Effectiveness
Personal Growth
Strategic Thinking/planning
Work-Life Balance
Interpersonal Relationships
Organisational Development

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ICF Member ID: 0090014281

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Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Other Credentials

- Registered Mentor Coach, International Coaching Federation
- Professional Leadership Coach, The Forton Group
- Certified Leadership Coach, CLC, The Forton Group
- NLP Coach, American Board of NLP
- Health and Success Coach, Bennett Stellar University
- Deep Coaching, Centre for Transformational Coaching