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Chris Harrison
My name is Chris Harrison. I am a Coach who helps individuals to find their true direction in life and work, and to find the right balance between the two. I trained at Erickson International and I’m certified by the International Coaching Federation. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, I also travel the African continent, coaching companies to transform their organisational culture and align their employee behaviours. My consultancy company, The Brand Inside, is approaching the end of its first decade and has supported major enterprises all over Africa, from Algiers to Cape Town. www.thebrandinsideafrica.com I also collaborate with friends and colleagues to deliver an applicable learning programme for Africa’s newest business leaders called Amalgam. www.amalgamleadership.com As a young man, I studied to be a historian and archaeologist. I served as a soldier. But I’m a marketer and advertising man by profession and have helped to build many brands. I have written a book and enjoyed acting on stage and public speaking. I am drawn to the natural world and travel widely. I am fortunate to be surrounded and supported by my wife and children I’ve led a full life and learned some lessons along the way. Perhaps most importantly, I have learnt to listen.


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